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  • Big Bobby Brown

    Big Bobby Brown was a small time flesh trader with bigger ideas. Threw his girls he knows plenty of people and just what each and do makes sure those that need each other can find each other, Well for a price anyways.

  • Raymond Adams

    Raymond Adams or Mr Adams to most is a or fixer he is quick clean and eficient and wears only the best suits and cyberware he is no non-sense and wants to keep his rep clean and strong. Major connections in the orc underground he is a go between for most …

  • Jackie Summers

    Jackie Summer grew up in the urban sprawls we was smart and knew how things worked she quickly formed a neutral connection for go betweens for gangers as a place you can get or get rid of anything. Even though she seems rough and tumble she really does …

  • Betty Cross

    The owner of Morning Star Oddities. A powerful mage herself Betty Cross procures odd books and artifacts. Almost all mages within Seattle at one time or another has entered her shop looking for one thing or another. Owner of [[Morning Star Oddities]] …

  • Lois Moore AKA Bl@K@t

    A runner better known for her ways of finding information. It's hard to get into her trust but if you can she will do what see can to help you but woe be to someone that wrongs her she will stop at nothing to repay that dept. [[Bl@k@t]]

  • Ruben Wagner AKA DJ Pied

    DJ Pied is rarely seen if at all. He runs his shows from a black coffin that is closed out long before anyone else is allowed to enter and won't open till the club has been closed for some time after. Out side of his alter Ego Ruben is quiet unassuming …

  • Mandy Martinez

    A local Rigger supplier if you need drones or rigger decks most people funnel those orders threw her if she doesn't have it she knows how to get it. She is generally wary of meeting face to face but she will set it up if she feels you are worth the time …

  • Alex Bates

    An Adept martial arists he train others in classes he is aways greatful but rather demanding of his students as well as those he holds in high reqards. He runs [[Iron Body Dojo]]

  • Samantha Wilson

    Sam to her friends grew up in the NAN she grew tired of being limited because being born an elf she shifted life into the city having a small enchanting and supply shop for local Shamans. Mouse Totem.

  • Whitney Sparks

    Whitney always had a talent for mechainic if it flew hovered or rolled and she could get her hands on it she would do her best to take them apart and put them back together.

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